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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Well I started off this morning with intention of going on a snowy walk, however my mind was very quickly changed. We did our usual Sunday morning routine of changing the bunnies bedding for them and making them all nice & cosy. Betty had other ideas & wanted to stay in bed.....
It was absolutely freezing, the wind was bitter. Made sure the bunnies were all snug & we covered them over with their frost free sheeting and plastic sheeting. Decided to wimp out of the snowy walk as couldn't feel my fingers & toes when I went inside. Instead decided to bake a quiche for tea & tomorrow's night......ended up being a big one will probably last another night as well. Also had some clementines still hanging around, so made my 3rd batch of clementine curd out of a reduced tray.......very yummy on morning crumpets.
Whilst I was pottering around in the kitchen Betsy cat appeared having been back to bed all morning. She was doing alot of meowing for attention but i told her she would have to wait which she wasn't impressed with. Yesterday I picked a pot of mini daffs which are now happily stitting on the kitchen windowsil.....
This afternoon has been spent by the fire, sipping tea & playing scrabble. I actually WON for once :-)
I'm settled down & watching "Call the midnight" now so Bye for Now Natalie x

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