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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Hello Veggies & Please come back Mr Sunshine!

Today has been abit gloomy here on the east coast, appears the sun has said "Bye Bye" for the weekend.....please come back soon! My seedlings need more sun desperately, trying beetroot this year but not sure how success they will be? Will report back.....
Today (2nd Saturday each month)there was a farmers market & craft fair on in Blakeney Village Hall. A lovely little village on the coast. Although a small affair was not disappointed with the stalls that was there (sorry left the camera in the car....oops!)Picked up some fruity chutney - we are BIG chutney eaters in our house and a couple of lovely handmade cards.
After our visit there we were feeling a little peckish so headed to a place we've been meaning to check out for a while the Art Cafe at Glanford
It was a lot bigger inside than thought from the outside and also another surprise is that it's all vegetarian, not a problem for me. I'm a meat eater but don't mind veggie dishes as well if done well....I wasn't disappointed at all.
I had a yummy mushroom & chestnut tart and hubby had a spinach and potato curry...........meat was not missed at all!
Hubby followed his curry by a HUGE scone!
We are already planning our return trip - a yummy Sunday breakfast followed by a long beach walk along the coast. Also will be going back later in the year as they have an evening bistro in the Autumn/Winter.
I loved this Mussel shell that you used to add the sea salt to your meal....great idea!
After finishing our meal we headed home, lit the fire (can you believe it an open fire in JUNE!) & snuggled down for a Margaret Rutherford B&W 'Miss Marple' film on DVD.....beforehand gave Betsy cat her little treat.
She loves them and has to have a couple at a time otherwise she would have them all in one go!
Finally got my act together and dropped a couple of felt flower brooches off at the Jade Tree...
Also have at long last created my facebook page Home Sweet Home Crafts
Only hope that I manage to keep up with Blogging & Facebooking ha!
I will be eagerly waiting for the postie to arrive as I've purchased a bunny from Vanilla Squirrel
Naughty Blogger is not allowing me to add a photo of the Bunny so we add when he/she (haven't decided as yet?) arrives......can't wait.
Hope the rest of your weekend goes well

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  1. What a lovely place, yes more sun needed the veggies have a lot to catch up on.....lots of lovely yellow stuff here today! :) x