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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Love it when the postie calls!

My Alpine Lodge messenger bag arrived, kindly sent by Ellie from Jam Jelly & I absolutely love it!!! Know i'm going to be using it lots. She also sent a couple of really cute notelets that i will use to write to my penpals on. So thanks again Ellie...............Another great handmade purchase. Our router is being naughty & playing up, so we have been without the internet for a few days. After spending what seemed liked hours on the phone, we have now moved the router & all the wiring up to the phone socket in the spare room. Suprise, suprise it seems to be working???? Well for now.....Love the internet but very frustrating when it all goes wrong. Anyway must pop off to start some tea......trying a new dish tonight - Morrocan chicken tagine. Will report back on how it went & tasted. have a good coming week Natalie x

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Well I started off this morning with intention of going on a snowy walk, however my mind was very quickly changed. We did our usual Sunday morning routine of changing the bunnies bedding for them and making them all nice & cosy. Betty had other ideas & wanted to stay in bed.....
It was absolutely freezing, the wind was bitter. Made sure the bunnies were all snug & we covered them over with their frost free sheeting and plastic sheeting. Decided to wimp out of the snowy walk as couldn't feel my fingers & toes when I went inside. Instead decided to bake a quiche for tea & tomorrow's night......ended up being a big one will probably last another night as well. Also had some clementines still hanging around, so made my 3rd batch of clementine curd out of a reduced tray.......very yummy on morning crumpets.
Whilst I was pottering around in the kitchen Betsy cat appeared having been back to bed all morning. She was doing alot of meowing for attention but i told her she would have to wait which she wasn't impressed with. Yesterday I picked a pot of mini daffs which are now happily stitting on the kitchen windowsil.....
This afternoon has been spent by the fire, sipping tea & playing scrabble. I actually WON for once :-)
I'm settled down & watching "Call the midnight" now so Bye for Now Natalie x

Saturday, 19 January 2013

A New Year Treat All For me :-)!

I've been very naughty & treated myself to the gorgeous Alpine Lodge Messenger Bag (above), courtesy of the lovely Jelly Jam Etsy shop......can't wait for the postie! Thought it was very appropriate for the weather we are having at the moment & love this type of bag. Having a lazy afternoon today but planning a winter walk tomorrow......must remember to take my camera then you can come along. Til Tomorrow Natalie x

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Seals, skylines & Snow

Hi I've made it back & short of figured out how to upload my photo's now......don't ask how i've done this. A very steep learning curve & purchase of a book "Blogging for bliss". Anyway.....I really wanted to show you Boxing Day seals
We wrapped up warm from the North Sea winds & ventured not far to the Lincolnshire coast..........they were soooooo cute & wanted to take one home
My skyline purse is coming along a treat & is actually near completion, the photo below showsit about 3/4 done.....will take a photo when it's all ready to sell. Think I'm going to take it to The Jade Tree who have kindly agreed to sell my brooches & purses. is an amazing place if you ever get chance to visit, selling truly gorgeous craftwork & Art. Have to keep my purse tightly shut when I visit there! It's on Elm Hill in Norwich, a lovely historic part of the city....would love to have a studio there.....oh well I can dream..... Oh yes where was skyline purse
From the photo, lurking next to the skyline purse is a Christmas present from my my in laws. Kirstie Allsopp's stamping kit from M&S, gorgeous tin containing an alphabet stamping kit & some tiny cards. I'm loving the floral design on the tin and have already loaded it with my other stamps. I hope that everyone is coping with the snow ok.....we had loads in Norfolk yesterday. A very long scary journey home which took over 3 hours when it normally takes 40mins max. I've taken some pics of our back garden to show you. Betty & Beryl (our bunnies) are having a bed day today.
Hope you have a good rest of the week.....enjoy the snow if you have some....stay safe on the roads Natalie x

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Help Please!!!

I've being to post for a couple of days now & having a nightmare!
Wondered if anyone could help?
When I try and insert an image (photo) and the box appears on the screen, the browse box is missing and I can't upload any photo's from my netbook???? have lots of lovely things to show......FRUSTRATING!
Here's hoping someone,somewhere has an answer as I am determined to blog more frequently this year. Not a good start.
Thanks in Anticipation