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Monday, 27 June 2011

Ribbons & Redundancy

The time has gone by soooo quickly since we got back from Italy. I had my official leaving lunch last friday.....a small select gathering & had  caterers as well. Went ok, sad to be leaving but out of my hands as my post is being made redundant.
Had a huge card & also got £60 of Hobbycraft vouchers.......which I'm really going to enjoy spending.
At the weekend we popped over to see my Sis & Hubby's family. My sis is crafting some things for the craft stall at the end of July & I took some of my things I had for vetting......we were very impressed with each others work. Went to an amazing craft shop whilst I was there, actually a shoe shop that seems to have turned into a craft shop.......strange but great!
Also thought that it was about time I put one of my ribbon brooches on my craft shop in Folksy.

You can find this at
Loved making this little brooch & have called it "Betsy Ribbon Brooch" feline friend had to get in there somewhere!!!!!

Would love to keep this one for myself!
Oh & have to show you this metal sign that my sister bought me for the it!
Going to put some ribbon through the holes and hang it on the front of the stall.
Bye For Now

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Italy was amazing....

Well this week it has been a case of getting back into the swing of things......also dealing with all the holiday washing.
But it was all worth it.......

So catching up on everything.....will be back soon to show you my craft stall projects & the new yarn I've just bought!

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Should be packing for Hols!

We are due to go away at the end of the week.....Volcanic ash cloud permitting! Supposed to be sorting out the holiday clothes & making a start on the packing but failing badly. Too many things keep distracting me, like picking strawberries......
Still  fightening off an ear infection, which I'm is gone by the time we go as don't fancy the pressure in my ear!
So as a distraction from everything, me & hubby had a little drive out last evening looking at some pretty villages near us. Stubbled upon my dream fantasy looking cottage.....
If only..........................
Love going for a drive in the car with hubby, venturing down little country lanes.....meeting cars coming the other way & managing to just squeeze through. Such a lovely warm evening as well, nothing beats driving along with the window right down & putting your arm out. Although hubby was worried at the width of the lanes that it might get snapped off!!!
Saw some lovely, quaint churches as well (reminding me alot of the tiny church we got married 18 months ago).......

As we were driving along I shouted "STOP" & had to take the next photo.....made me laugh!

Going for a cuppa now & a sneaky peek of.......

On the blogs that I follow everyone has been saying how good it is, finally managed to track a copy down. Looks like it will soon be part of my magazine addiction!
Hope your week is going well so far?
Natalie x

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Bunnies & Strawberries

Where has the time gone too? can't believe it has been so long since my last post!
With all the sun we've been having recently, the strawberries are well on their way.
At the weekend we had an extra special delivery via "The In - Laws".....made for us by my Hubby's Uncle Frank......
Next time you seen this hutch there will be TWO baby bunnies living here, Uncle Frank has built a deluxe hutch complete with split level sleeping compartments & lots of room to run round in. It took four of us to
to lift it out of the van........very heavy!!! 
We are getting the bunnies after we have been on our hols.....going to eat Pasta & drink Limoncello (a little clue!), from an animal rescue place. If they have two females (sisters) that is.
At the moment it is BUSY, BUSY, BUSY.......I'm sarting a new business & have just secured 2 new clients Yipeeeeee! & also been crafting mad for the craft fair in July......
Showed you this cross stitch heart design before & I've turned it into.....

A girl can NEVER have too many purses!
And finally wanted to show you this......

I adore Orchids & especially love the colour of this one! & it was left on the windowsill when we moved in last year!
Bye For Now

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Never too old for cake & candles!

Apologies as I haven't been here in a while.....Busy,Busy,Busy!
But at the weekend was my hubby's Birthday, edging nearer to a BIG one. Started off with present opening and candle blowing out.

As the weather was so lovely we headed off to one of our favourite places.
We just love wandering round here....Blickling Hall. The history is fascinating & the gardens are amazing too look round. Then it was on for a pub lunch which was very yummy!

Whilst at Blickling, managed to pick these gems up from the 2nd hand bookshop. Sweet Valley High.....lots of memories of reading this series & the Agatha Christie will be added to my collection. The Nurse book is alot of fun. Never seen a nurse using a big circular saw to plaster off..."them were the days!"
Oh must show you my new necklace which I'm luvin at the moment!
Lots of fun & actually looks like one of those little pencils a builder or joiner would use.
.....And finally just going to show something that I'm working on at the moment, going to turn it in too a pouch for a handbag you the finished item very soon!
Anyway Enjoy the sun & see you soon! Take Care x

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Here Goes........

Well, this is my first ever post & I've got a feeling it will become an obsession very quickly!!
Have the afternoon off work so.......settling down to some crafting. Got a craft stall booked for July & need to make lots of stock.....quickly!!!
Will be back soon with photo's of projects in process.
Question of the Day......where has the sun gone to?????