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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Ooooh What to make?!

Whilst out doing abit of Christmas shopping this week, I got abit diverted by heading into my fav craft shop & couldn't resist these....
I have plans for the London material as currently doing a London skyline purse - will show later. Looove the apple material, but not sure how to use it as yet??? Any suggestions?
Heading to see my sister this weekend, so will be back with some photo's of where my family live in the lovely Lincolnshire Wolds. Also got to have the dreaded MOT done.....fingers crossed!
See you soon

Monday, 12 November 2012

Back in my shop!

Well after abit of a disastious craft fair that I attended.....I have added some things to my folksy shop

As I said to my was a "Craft Disaster!" a strictly style Ha! But I am trying not to be disheartened, you win some & you lose some. It's the 2nd time that I have done this craft fair so crossing this off my list of ones's to do.
So if you are looking for some Xmas pressie ideas or a treat for yourself then please have a look.....
I know that I said that I would show you my stamp brooches, please bear with's coming.........
Hope you have a good week

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Anniversary Day Spent In Southwold

Hello again after far too long away!
Today is our 3rd wedding where has the last 3 years gone too? It was An amazing day & I enjoyed every minute of it! The day before we got married was pouring with rain but our actual wedding day was much like today's weather.....abit chilly but very sunny. We were married in a tiny church which is in my family's village in the middle of the Lincolnshire Wolds......very picturesque & we had some amazing photo's took in the churchyard. For me (selfishly), it was never a question of where I would get married but to whom! The church was were my grandparents got married during the wartime before my Grandad was shipped out to Arnhem to fight......that's another story which I promise to tell soon.
Anyway back to us......
We opened our cards to each other & jumped in the car as we decided to spend the day down the coast in the next county to us......Suffolk in the beautiful town of Southwold.
To say I love it there is an understatement! Everywhere you look is a gorgeous house that you long to take a peek inside & stay in.
I took this photo as we were walking along North Parade & sneeked the lighthouse between 2 houses, look at that blue sky........beautiful blue!
Now if money was no object...................!!!!
So many lovely buildings here
Whilst we were walking along to the pier we walked past the beach huts.....
I just looooooove beach huts & all their different colours.....
My Nan is called Doris so just to take a photo of this beach hut. What a cute painting!
Whist lookingat all the beach hut names I looked up & saw this tiny balcony with the most amazing door. Looks like it's out of a storybook......oh to live there!!!!!
It was a lovely day, really enjoyed it. A break from the routine.
We will be back soon - lovely Southwold!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

So many projects.......So little time!

Whereis this year going it's racing by????
Above is a pressie for my hubby's Uncle Frank who we are close to & who I send hand written letters thought a fountain pen was quite appropriate. Going to make it into a journal cover with a blue spotty material background. It's very late already.......supposed to be for his 70th Birthday......but that was in August. Opps! Told him it's on it's way......via pigeon post.
My camera is playing up tonight, as I wanted to share my new collection of stamp brooches that I have recently completed that are now for sale in The craft Room shop in Norwich. So I PROMISE to come back tomorrow night to show you them.
Off now to blow dry my hair as sat doing this with post washed hair......then it's British Bake Off on TV...........GREAT!!!!!!
So til tomorrow

Monday, 6 August 2012

Please come back sunshine!

Hoping for more of sunshine this week! Got lots of stitching to do that I'm way behind with.......birthday pressies & need some summer sun to spark me into action. I will check back later in the week to up date with my progress.....hopefully lots done

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Ribbon brooches in my shop

Opps forgot to say......
I've added some more ribbon brooches to my folksy shop

Hope you like them?
Very cute & will brighten up any outfit!
Would make great pressies.
Have a great week!

Jam & Jerusalem

In between the thundery downpours this weekend, I set about making some raspberry jam from the PYO raspberries that I picked I few days ago. Enjoyed making it although was abit worried that i woundn't have enough jam jars as I went abit manic with the picking!
Me & Hubby also managed to make it to a local church flower festival. Very impressed..............
Loved this chicken....
Hope you've had a great weekend!

Monday, 23 July 2012

Finally here.....Summer & a blog post!!!

Hi.....well I'm finally back. Did try to do a blog post a week ago but naughty blogger was taking ages to upload photo's & had to do tea so had to abandon it. Today has been glorious sunshine here in Norfolk & also had a day off work yipeeeee!!!!
These are the photo's I was trying to put on my blog.........
......Memories of a lovely afternoon wandering around Sheringham park which is near us
The roddies were absolutely gorgeous!
Even the weeds were lovely......I do love Dandelions!
That afternoon I gave my new bag an outing.......thats Viv from
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So that was our little outing from a few weeks ago........
At the moment I'm trying to restock my my folksy shop, I added this cute postcard purse

A close up................
You can check out this listing at my Folksy shop Home Sweet Home
Hope you all have a good week & enjoy the sunshine!

Monday, 25 June 2012

Hoping someone will follow me :-(

My new regime is blogging at least once a week..............have lots of pretty photo's to add from our recent visit to a country park. So will be back be continued..........
Just a word to say check out country rabbit's summer giveaway - fingers & everything crossed!
Till later

Monday, 21 May 2012

I will be back!!!

It's been ages!!!!!!!!
I have promised myself that i will blog each week from now on, starting next week.
Got lots to tell......
Til then....................