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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Anniversary Day Spent In Southwold

Hello again after far too long away!
Today is our 3rd wedding where has the last 3 years gone too? It was An amazing day & I enjoyed every minute of it! The day before we got married was pouring with rain but our actual wedding day was much like today's weather.....abit chilly but very sunny. We were married in a tiny church which is in my family's village in the middle of the Lincolnshire Wolds......very picturesque & we had some amazing photo's took in the churchyard. For me (selfishly), it was never a question of where I would get married but to whom! The church was were my grandparents got married during the wartime before my Grandad was shipped out to Arnhem to fight......that's another story which I promise to tell soon.
Anyway back to us......
We opened our cards to each other & jumped in the car as we decided to spend the day down the coast in the next county to us......Suffolk in the beautiful town of Southwold.
To say I love it there is an understatement! Everywhere you look is a gorgeous house that you long to take a peek inside & stay in.
I took this photo as we were walking along North Parade & sneeked the lighthouse between 2 houses, look at that blue sky........beautiful blue!
Now if money was no object...................!!!!
So many lovely buildings here
Whilst we were walking along to the pier we walked past the beach huts.....
I just looooooove beach huts & all their different colours.....
My Nan is called Doris so just to take a photo of this beach hut. What a cute painting!
Whist lookingat all the beach hut names I looked up & saw this tiny balcony with the most amazing door. Looks like it's out of a storybook......oh to live there!!!!!
It was a lovely day, really enjoyed it. A break from the routine.
We will be back soon - lovely Southwold!