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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Creating such lovely memories!

Hello! As always been away far too long. Just lately I've had my usual lots of crafts projects on the go but don't seem to be able to finish anything as always have a yearning to go down to the beach when it's weather like this.....
I'm not one for crowds or lying on the beach, much prefer to have a little paddle & also started collecting sea glass and unusual peddles and shells for making jewellery over the wintertime. Thought it would it be a good craft activity to do to bring back lovely memories of sunny beachy days whilst I'm making.
My lovely younger sis visited us this weekend & as it was a sunny afternoon we headed not far from us to Mundesley (on the North Norfolk coast). Love this beach as it's a sandy beach and not too busy when you walk along abit.

Nothing makes me happier than wandering up & down, barefoot and taking pics......bliss!
My sis and Hubby became obsessed with finding sea glass for me. Trying to find bigger and bigger bits.
It was a blissful afternoon with ALOT of laughs.
This is a picture of me (on the right) & my little sis.......
We are very close and I miss her lots so these weekends are very special.
Hope this sunny weather continues as I've got a significant birthday (39 year & 365 days Ha!)coming up and I'm planning a Birthday beach barbeque and I've said that we each have to have inflatable animals. should be fun!
Hope everyone has had a great weekend too

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

A little "Hello!"

Hi Just stopping by let you know I've listed a couple of new items on my Folksy shop
Lovely vintage inspired lavender hearts & a hanging silver plated pewter heart
Beach photography cards - blank, superb quality cards. Taken from my original photo's of Mundesley (North Norfolk) beach.
This is a very fleeting Hellooooooooo!
hope you are all well?
Will be back at the weekend to fill you on my latest adventures.
Til Then......

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Hello Veggies & Please come back Mr Sunshine!

Today has been abit gloomy here on the east coast, appears the sun has said "Bye Bye" for the weekend.....please come back soon! My seedlings need more sun desperately, trying beetroot this year but not sure how success they will be? Will report back.....
Today (2nd Saturday each month)there was a farmers market & craft fair on in Blakeney Village Hall. A lovely little village on the coast. Although a small affair was not disappointed with the stalls that was there (sorry left the camera in the car....oops!)Picked up some fruity chutney - we are BIG chutney eaters in our house and a couple of lovely handmade cards.
After our visit there we were feeling a little peckish so headed to a place we've been meaning to check out for a while the Art Cafe at Glanford
It was a lot bigger inside than thought from the outside and also another surprise is that it's all vegetarian, not a problem for me. I'm a meat eater but don't mind veggie dishes as well if done well....I wasn't disappointed at all.
I had a yummy mushroom & chestnut tart and hubby had a spinach and potato curry...........meat was not missed at all!
Hubby followed his curry by a HUGE scone!
We are already planning our return trip - a yummy Sunday breakfast followed by a long beach walk along the coast. Also will be going back later in the year as they have an evening bistro in the Autumn/Winter.
I loved this Mussel shell that you used to add the sea salt to your meal....great idea!
After finishing our meal we headed home, lit the fire (can you believe it an open fire in JUNE!) & snuggled down for a Margaret Rutherford B&W 'Miss Marple' film on DVD.....beforehand gave Betsy cat her little treat.
She loves them and has to have a couple at a time otherwise she would have them all in one go!
Finally got my act together and dropped a couple of felt flower brooches off at the Jade Tree...
Also have at long last created my facebook page Home Sweet Home Crafts
Only hope that I manage to keep up with Blogging & Facebooking ha!
I will be eagerly waiting for the postie to arrive as I've purchased a bunny from Vanilla Squirrel
Naughty Blogger is not allowing me to add a photo of the Bunny so we add when he/she (haven't decided as yet?) arrives......can't wait.
Hope the rest of your weekend goes well

Thursday, 23 May 2013

My lovely walk to work........

On a Wednesday and Thursday each week I work out of an office in Cromer which is on the North Norfolk coast, very handy as just 6 miles up the road from us. Every week the views on my walk to the office are breath taking and I never get fed up of them and stop for a minute or two......then have to scuttle fast the rest of the way....ha!
Although have to say this week has been VERY breezy! Where oh where has the sunshine gone to???
The following pic is of Henry Blogg, a famous figure in the town.......coxswain on the Cromer Lifeboat.
A short post this time but have to show this before I go, love it and when I told my sis I had bought a "Fox Garland", she said "Oh no not another fashion faux par!".....
Love it & even Hubby likes it but not sure if little sis will.....Ha!
Anyway off to see her this weekend for the bank holiday for a good catch up, cant wait!
Bye For Now & lets hope for a bit of the yellow stuff - SUNSHINE!

Thursday, 9 May 2013

A Lovely Shop

I would like to tell you about a lovely shop that is just round the corner from the office where I have a hot desk 2 days a week. It's in Cromer on the North Norfolk coast. The shop is called "The Norfolk Pigeon Loft"....
It's has an amazing range of costume jewellery, scarfs & handbags. All at very reasonable prices!
The owner, Donna is really helpful with advice when you are looking for a certain item. She is also very bubbly & chatty and have to say it's a real pleasure to go in there.
This is what I couldn't resist today. Just lately I seemed to have developed a liking (addiction) for anything 'cherry related', going to love wearing this on all my summer cardi's. Also couldn't leave this bracelet behind, very cute with the little flower and a VERY reasonable price of £2.99!!!!
This is the link to their website Norfolk Pigeon Loft so you can check out their blog and location details.
The reason that I'm telling you about this shop is that I think it's soooo important to support local independent shops and I know Donna is finding it abit tough right now. Small,independant shops are the lifeline to our communities and it would be a great shame & sadness if our high streets were just full of national chains. Rant over....Ha!
Before I had off just wanted to show you my latest project. Had a yearning to work completely with felt for a change......
Just have to stuff the brooch with a little bit of filling & then going to blanket stitch round the outside.....I love abit of hand sewing, find it very relaxing. Really chuffed with it so far, especially the leaves.
Had the idea for this brooch from a creative dream I had the other night. Yes I know sounds 'weird', but I dream about what I going to make next then when I wake note it down in a little notebook. Doesn't happen that often but when it does HAVE to go with and make it.
Finished brooch will be photographed at the weekend.
Hope you are all having a good weekend so far?
Here in Norfolk today it's turned a lot cooler and very breezy. Sunshine please come back soon!!!!
Bye For Now

Monday, 6 May 2013

Visit to sunny Suffolk

Hello....finally back after a far too long break. Had an internet malfunction which is now fixed & my camera gave up the ghost.....bought a shiny new one. Yipeeeee can take photo's which I've really missed doing.
It's been a really sunny, warm bank holiday weekend (hence the background colour of this post) and yesterday we decided to hop over into Suffolk and made a visit to the National Trust property "Ickworth House", near Bury St Edmunds.
We weren't disappointed.....
The house was huge & took our breath away when we walked up the drive. It was good to make use of our NT membership as it was £12 each to get in otherwise. We made it there at lunchtime but soon realised that we probably needed a couple of days to get round everything.

These were painted on to the walls off the visitor entrance.
Always my favourite part - the servants quarters, especially the kitchens
Can you imagine cooking on this?
The servant's dining room was a huge and very cold....hate to think what it was like for them in winter.
The bedrooms were also impressive
& also the very grand entrance hall
So well worth a visit........need to make a full day of it!. Next time we plan to go round all the lovely gardens which we didn't have time to go round.
Before I go......had to show you a picture of my new teacup planter with a drumstick primula which I thought would go a treat in it.

Hope everyone has had a good bank holiday weekend!
See you all soon.....PROMISE!



Sunday, 24 March 2013

Mr badger comes to live

The last few weeks have whizzed by in a big blur.......meant to blog sooner but been very Zzzzz's (sleepy) on an evening. I've been adjusting to working from part time hours to taking on another role at work to increasing my hours to full time. Along with running my little home support business, its taking some adjusting to and new routines to put in place.
As well as trying to make some time for making.....
Well all I can say is i'm getting there. At last I finished of the little umbrella purse this weekend, decided to save this for my niece's birthday. Ages away yet but at least it will be done & ready for wrapping.
I did enjoy making this although did struggle with the zip abit as it is quite small, not entirely pleased with it but sometimes you have to leave well alone. But did like the backstitch lettering a did on the back of the purse........think I will do this again - what do you think??????????

I also added a cute little umbrella charm to the zip......sorry about the quality of these photo's, the light is very poor today & I NEED a new camera......hint hint to my hubby ha!

 The weather here has been awful this weekend, snowy at times but mainly bittery cold. Did venture out a couple of times for food supplies but didn't stay out too long.....back to a long roaring fire, cup of my fav english breakfast tea, watching a 'Miss Marple', writing Easter cards to friends & family and lots of eating far far too much Ha!
Have to show you "Mr Badger" (what I've named him!) that I asked the lovely Emma from Vanilla Squirrel to make for my Hubby's 40th Birthday that is in a couple of weeks time
I asked her to do a orange & black knitted scarf round his neck as my hubby is from the West Midlands and supports Wolves FC.......Thanks so much Emma, he is amazing! I'm sure he is going to love him - I'll let you know.
If you haven't looked at Emma's shop head over as she has some lovely things, got my eye on a sheepie or Miss Foxy next.
Before I say say cheerio for now, a little bit of Spring that a friend gave me on Friday......Please come soon

Have a good coming week.....Bye for Now

Monday, 25 February 2013

Dip Dab's.......YummY!!!

The weekend just gone I finally got my act together & managed to post off Racheal's (Queenie Wilde) swapping parcel for Bobobun's swap...... Lots of yummy sweeties from my childhood
Remember these? Also included a postcard of my fav childhood book

Next came the handmade item.....decided to send a birdy case that i had made which can be used for glasses, sunglasses, pens or lippys.
For my favourite colour, I decided to combine this with my favourite shape which I have lots of round our cottage. Loved this myself & may just pop back to pick up one for myself. But will have to sneek it in as Hubby has said "No more hearts!", but I think that you can't have too many!!!
Included this cutie notebook as i saw from Racheal's pinterest she likes Toadstools.
Next came the vintage item....
Saw this little cutie in a new charity shop that has just opened near me that supports a local hospice, great find & great cause. I liked this for myself but knew/hope Racheal will think so to?!
I couldn't resist some lovely tissue paper from paperchase to wrap them & found these ribbons from Disaster Designs as well. For me the wrapping is just as important
All wrapped & Ready to go.......
As I had a day off today, i popped out to post my swapping parcel & also I had a postie card to say that I had a parcel waiting for me at the sorting office..........EXCITING!
It was like Christmas/Birthday opening my parcel and what a lovely suprise it was.....
The bag is absolutely gorgeous & love it.......thanks so much Racheal!!!! Everything was right up my street - very good choices. The yellow tissue wrapped parcel thats says "For Betty & Beryl" is apple treats for my 2 bunnies. They will love these......munch, munch.
Thank you Lisa for organising the swap, really enjoying doing this!
Just before I go, just wanted to show you my latest purse that I'm making



Got to finish off the backstitch writing & decide which colour zip to use? Decisions, Decisions
Anyway have a lovely week - Bye for Now