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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Should be packing for Hols!

We are due to go away at the end of the week.....Volcanic ash cloud permitting! Supposed to be sorting out the holiday clothes & making a start on the packing but failing badly. Too many things keep distracting me, like picking strawberries......
Still  fightening off an ear infection, which I'm is gone by the time we go as don't fancy the pressure in my ear!
So as a distraction from everything, me & hubby had a little drive out last evening looking at some pretty villages near us. Stubbled upon my dream fantasy looking cottage.....
If only..........................
Love going for a drive in the car with hubby, venturing down little country lanes.....meeting cars coming the other way & managing to just squeeze through. Such a lovely warm evening as well, nothing beats driving along with the window right down & putting your arm out. Although hubby was worried at the width of the lanes that it might get snapped off!!!
Saw some lovely, quaint churches as well (reminding me alot of the tiny church we got married 18 months ago).......

As we were driving along I shouted "STOP" & had to take the next photo.....made me laugh!

Going for a cuppa now & a sneaky peek of.......

On the blogs that I follow everyone has been saying how good it is, finally managed to track a copy down. Looks like it will soon be part of my magazine addiction!
Hope your week is going well so far?
Natalie x

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  1. The photos are great. Thanks for the kind thoughts about Chubby. I do miss him - he was an awesome cat.