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Thursday, 9 May 2013

A Lovely Shop

I would like to tell you about a lovely shop that is just round the corner from the office where I have a hot desk 2 days a week. It's in Cromer on the North Norfolk coast. The shop is called "The Norfolk Pigeon Loft"....
It's has an amazing range of costume jewellery, scarfs & handbags. All at very reasonable prices!
The owner, Donna is really helpful with advice when you are looking for a certain item. She is also very bubbly & chatty and have to say it's a real pleasure to go in there.
This is what I couldn't resist today. Just lately I seemed to have developed a liking (addiction) for anything 'cherry related', going to love wearing this on all my summer cardi's. Also couldn't leave this bracelet behind, very cute with the little flower and a VERY reasonable price of £2.99!!!!
This is the link to their website Norfolk Pigeon Loft so you can check out their blog and location details.
The reason that I'm telling you about this shop is that I think it's soooo important to support local independent shops and I know Donna is finding it abit tough right now. Small,independant shops are the lifeline to our communities and it would be a great shame & sadness if our high streets were just full of national chains. Rant over....Ha!
Before I had off just wanted to show you my latest project. Had a yearning to work completely with felt for a change......
Just have to stuff the brooch with a little bit of filling & then going to blanket stitch round the outside.....I love abit of hand sewing, find it very relaxing. Really chuffed with it so far, especially the leaves.
Had the idea for this brooch from a creative dream I had the other night. Yes I know sounds 'weird', but I dream about what I going to make next then when I wake note it down in a little notebook. Doesn't happen that often but when it does HAVE to go with and make it.
Finished brooch will be photographed at the weekend.
Hope you are all having a good weekend so far?
Here in Norfolk today it's turned a lot cooler and very breezy. Sunshine please come back soon!!!!
Bye For Now

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